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It is of my opinion that these days there is no single place better for advertising than Facebook.  Advertising on Facebook could prove to be the best thing you ever do for your business.  Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the United States and the 3rd most popular globally.  This alone makes it your best audience to get your message or product out there.

Ever notice when you’re on Facebook the advertising seems catared to you?  That’s because it is.  Nobody really liked being advertised to, so advertising has become very sophisticated.  The pages you visit collect enough information about you to be able to advertise things to you that you would actually buy.

advertising on facebookFacebook ads are kind of expensive for a small business, but when they’re done right they should be able to pay themselves off.  Facebook gives you the option to set your own budget.  The minimum is $5, so that’s a good place to start while you’re still finding your way around the developers area of Facebook.

That will be your first step creating your ad.  I’m sure you have a personal Facebook, but now you need a developer’s account!  The great news is that anybody can sign up for one of these, no special requirements or approvals necessary!

Probably the best feature when creating your ad is the ability to choose your demographics.  The options set before you are vast and can seem a little intimidating at first.  You can target obvious things such as age group, gender, even household income.  Then it branches out to options like interests and niches.

facebook-demographicsYou want your reach, displayed over on the right hand side, to become as specific as possible to be displayed in the Facebook feeds of people who are likely to purchase your product(s).  It’s all about those sweet, sweet conversions!  When you are picking out demographics, you’ll get neat specifics as displayed below of how many people could see your ad depending on the groups you click on!  Don’t stop until you get that needle pictured in the box into the red!  They are your target audience after all!


Start small!  You don’t have to invest a fortune into your Facebook ads!  Begin with $5 a day or so, and tweak your process until you are getting the conversions you set out for!  Facebook has ways of tracking conversions, as well as the ever-fantastic Google Analytics.  Happy advertising!

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