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How to Build a Social Media Following

Social media has become a monster in our time.  Its changed the playing field of advertising forever.  To be influential and get your message and/or products out to an audience, it’s nearly required that you jump on board.  When you’ve built yourself an audience you’ll be glad you did.

Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the United States and the 3rd most visited worldwide. In the last decade it has become the unquestionable king of social media platforms.  With more than one billion members, this should be your main target.  Buy an ad from them!  Facecbook ads start for as low as $5 a day, if you have a goal or something to sell on your site, considering the reach you will get your ad should pay for itself.

Twitter also has great reach potential.  There are many ways to get Twitter followers, but the most downright way of doing it is to follow many people who tweet about the same niches you do.  This is basic networking and many people will follow you just for following them.  With Twitter you’re limited to so many characters per tweet but you can send as many out as you like.  The limited characters is always an invitation to write something catchy.

Possibly my favorite part of reaching out through social media is the use of a fantastic third-party service called Hootsuite.  This free service allows you to set up posts and tweets for all of your social media accounts to be posted at a later time or date.  This is where the fun begins:Social media following

Creating a Strategy:

With Hootsuite you can basically create a campaign to build a Social Media following.  Just spend 30 minutes setting up all the things you want to post on your accounts for the next three days or so.  No more micromanaging your social media accounts!

Have your posts and tweets lead back to your blog, or website.  Be careful if your site is an ecommerce site to not directly advertise on Facebook.  Facebook has some pretty strict rules when it comes to advertising on a page.  So before you do, read about the dos and don’ts of Facecbook advertising here.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to use Hootsuite for success.  There are an infinite number of clever services to automate tasks for you!  Browse around and try out a few, just don’t sign up for so many services you can’t keep track of them!

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