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Create a Web Store with WooCommerce

With WordPress it is now possible to get an online store up and running in less than a day.  You can make a store with your physical products, digital products such as downloads, or even products that you are an affiliate for.  All this is made possible with a very popular WordPress plugin called WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is freely available from the link above, or by adding a new plugin under Add New in your WordPress dashboard.  Be advised, although you can install WooCommerce on any theme, some are not equipped for it.  Upon installation it will create pages on your site for you such as a shop page, a checkout for your cart, and a login and registration pages for new users.  It will also create two new options on the left-hand sidebar, WooCommerce and Products.

Now that you have these options available, it’s time to start adding products.  If you hover over products you’ll see some options in a submenu, find add product and click it.  You can now add a description to the item, along with a featured image, and what type of product it is.  You should have some options in a drop down.  Select the right type of product here:

online store

The options from here should seem pretty straightforward.  Enter a price, a sales price if you wish.  Every time you publish a product it will create a new page for you about that product.  The pages they make are beautiful, displaying your product description, the price, and the featured product image you set.  It will look something like this:


Entering products is very easy.  Taking payments could be your first problem depending on what type of store you want to set up.  If you want to take credit or debit cards directly on your website you’re going to need an SSL certificate.  This is what changes a site from having a http: to a https:.  This is a security layer, and there is a good reason this is required on commercial sites.  However you can bypass all this by linking WooCommerce up with your paypal account.  You can take payments on your website via PayPal with no extra certificate!  This is the best option for beginners.

Anyone can start a web store to make a little coin on the side.  If you’re thinking you can’t, because you don’t have a physical product to sell, think again.  If you really want to get started selling online, look into dropshipping, you’re going to make a day out of it if it catches your interest, trust me.

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