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Get Paid to Review Songs on Slice the Pie

paid to review songs

Internet money is appealing to most.  However things like doing surveys can seem like slow going and not worth your time.  Some have cash out minimums and other catches they hide from you until you’ve already wasted your precious time.

I like to keep our readers up to date on programs and websites that really work to make you some quick extra coin out on the hard plains of the internet.  Good news friends, I’ve found one that I really love.

Are you a music fan?  Of course you are, everyone loves music.  There is a fantastic website called Slice the Pie that pays you to write short music reviews.  What could be easier?

Here’s how it Works:

paid to review songsSign up for your free account here.  Once in, the website gives you the very necessary option to input what styles of music you do and do not like.  Beautiful, they don’t make you listen to music you hate!

Once all that business is out of the way, it’s time to start reviewing.  You’ll receive a soundclip to listen to (90 seconds you are required to listen, which makes a lot of sense.  Or you can get serious with those fine-tuned ears and listen to the whole song).

Now write your review!  They are not required to be super long, most will end up around 6 sentences from my experience.  You’re doing a service here and getting paid for it, so be a cool guy and give your review some good substance!

Slice of Pie has an awesome referral program!  If you’re going to get involved, why not get some of your music-savvy friends in on it as well?  If they join under you Slice of Pie will throw some coin your way!

I’m a big believer that if you’re sitting around on your Computer anyway, even mmaking just a few bucks is a better use of your time than scrolling your Facebook feed or browsing Reddit.

On the go?  Slice the Pie has an app availableon the Google Play store.  With the amount of writing a single review requires, it’s totally doable on a phone.

What are you waiting for?  Give Slice of Pie a try!  Click the image below to get signed up!maxresdefault

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