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How to Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing a blog can be insanely difficult, but not impossible if you are one of the few who REALLY want it.

One of the most difficult part of running a blog is monetizing it. Anyone who has tried to do so will tell you. First of all, you need decent traffic to get any kind of revenue, and then you actually need to get people to click on what you want them to. For the most part, people don’t click on ads intentionally. I mean, do you? It makes sense, do you visit websites to read the content you’re looking for, or to click on their ads?

The best way to monetize a blog is through Google Adsense. You see websites with Google ads on them every single day. Google however does have an approval you need to go through before they’ll allow you to put their ads on your website. This isn’t too hard to do if you have an upstanding website that isn’t smut. However, if you are initially denied your application, it will cause you problems while reapplying. Reapplying is a much more difficult process than applying for a first time. Many times it is easier to try to associate an application with a new Gmail account rather than reapplying. So make sure your website or blog is up to snuff before applying in the first place.

The problem is Google operates with “algorithms” to perform tons of their automated functions. These are kept under tight wraps, and nobody can tell you truthfully what they are. So before you apply to Google Adsense, make sure you have a lot of good, quality posts and pages on your website.

A much easier solution, and one that can be used in conjunction with Adsense if you have an account in good standing, is the Amazon Affiliate program. Their program has pretty low requirements. You just sign up on their website, give them your tax information, and you are free to put their ads onto your website or blog. This will put randomized Amazon products into your posts, and when someone clicks on one and buys a product from the website, you are awarded with a pretty decent commission. There is virtually no approval standards.

These are my two favorites, and the easiest to implement, but there are a lot of different methods for monetizing rather than placing direct ads or products on your website. Another popular method is through sponsored content. This is a fancy term for suggested articles based on what the user is looking at on your blog to similar articles from other websites.

I know you’ve all been to websites that have something at the end of their posts that say “sponsored content” or “from around the web,” things to that effect. These can be real cash cows. A popular service for putting these at the end of your posts is Tablooa. The issue is these kind of services frequently have very high standards. Full disclosure, I applied to have this site use Tablooa’s sponsored content ads and was denied. They want sites that get upwards of 30,000 visitors a month. While this is possible, you have to put in a ton of effort, have a lot of content, and have great social media outreach to be able to bring in this kind of traffic.

The absolute best advice I can give is to not be impatient. Before you try to make some money, make your blog worthwhile. Fill it to the brim with amazing content, engaging articles, and other tidbits that are actually worthwhile to the reader and not rehashed material. That should be your number one goal with your blog anyhow, to be heard, worrying about money should come later.

It is already a dismal playing field to make income through advertising revenue, and unless your blog is getting 100,000 visitors a month, it is probably not going to pay your mortgage. However if done properly, your blog can potentially bring in hundreds of dollars of advertising revenue a month if done properly.

Keep in mind, this is a long-term goal, this isn’t something that happens overnight. Keep the motto in your head “content is king.” Content is what brings in traffic, and is good for SEO. That traffic is your key to monetizing your blog. Be patient, if your reading this article, you’ve got what it takes. Just. Be. Patient.

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