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Introduction to WordPress Plugins

introduction to WordPress

WordPress plugins are great way to add some functionality to your website.  They are fun to experiment with because there is virtually an endless amount of them to play with.  Plugins can be added to your WordPress installation by navigating to the left sidebar, Plugins > Add New.  From there you will have the option to upload a plugin from your computer, or browse through WordPress search bar.

A good way to determine what plugins you should install is simply by searching for what you want your website to do! 

Plugins can be a lot of fun, but think before installing plugins, as each one you install will need to be called on when loading one of your webpages.  This will slow down your site, so you don’t need anymore than you need.worpress plugins

Some of my favorite plugins are:

Jetpack:  Should be on the main plugin page when you click add new.  Jetpack comes loaded with features, one of the most convenient is the beautiful array of widgets it brings to you!  Find out more about Jetpack!

CKEditor for WordPress:  I find this plugin near essential for my work.  It turns your normal boring post editor into so much more.  It makes it easier to change your font, it’s size, and so much more.  I find it much easier to navigate than the WordPress default text editor.  One complaint I’ve had is that on some Mac machines you are unable to click Publish while CKEditor is activated.  Annoying, but easy to work around.

Popups for WordPress:  Pop-ups are annoying, nobody is going to argue that.  But we still see them on all kinds of webpages, usually asking the user to sign up for their mailing list.  Can you blame them?  No.  Everybody wants to build up their mailing list and this is a good way to do it.

Play around with all kinds of plugins!  Be careful not to go too crazy, having a ton of unneccesary plugins is a sure-fire way to slow down your website.  With that in mind, you’re going to have a lot of fun playing with them.  To keep up to date with awesome plugins sign up for our mailing list below!

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