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Everyone with a website knows that the biggest challenge is driving traffic to your website.  After having great valuable content, the most important step you can take is by managing your search engine optimization.  This is done through keywords and keyphrases and can be assisted on many types of sites (such as WordPress installations) through the use of plugins.

Yoast in an SEO plugin for WordPressyoast-icon that I use on many of my sites.  It’s free and very simple to use and understand.  Once installed it will create a block under a post you are writing that lets you input your desired keyword or keyphase, let you edit the “snippet” of article content that would be displayed if you were found by a search engine.

Under the inputs you write in is a suggestion list color coded red for poor, yellow for needs improvement, and green for good SEO.  This is fairly handy and suitable for a beginner or a small blog but lacks a level of understanding human search activity, and at times can even be a little buggy.  You still have to sort of guess what key words or phrases will do the best, only based on your intuition.

The best tool we’ve come across to improve your overall SEO, fine tune your keywords and keyphrases, and get your website onto the front page of search engine results is a tool called Keyword Researcher

Keyword Researcher has some out of this world features I’ve never seen in any other product.  You know how when you’re typing into Google’s search bar it will present autocomplete options for you?  Keyword Researcher has a feature that emulates what options would be expected through the autcorrect.  This is a major value, it automatically can pick for you what keyphrases are going to get your pages to the top of search engine results.  I haven’t found another tool with this feature.  Find out a little more in this short video:

Keyword Researcher takes all of the guesswork out of choosing your keyphrases, as where any other software or plugin gives you an educated guess at best.  It is truly some very intuitive software.

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