Quantum Computing and How It Can Speed Up Your Internet

We’ve all heard about quantum computing, yet many of us still don’t understand it. “Quantum computing” is a fancy way of saying that there are (for the most part) two schools of thought in electro-computations, the first being that of macro-computations. These processes are what we are currently familiar with. Our desktops, laptops, cell phones and most other electronics utilize this way of thinking when it comes to coding and processing.

With the advent of new findings in the field of quantum physics, it was discovered by an unlikely computer scientist named Dephyn Shor. Shor took the next two years developing what is now called Shor’s algorithm and in 2001 Shor and his colleagues demonstrated their ability to run the algorithm to factor 15 using a 7-qubit NMR computer. In laymen terms, macro-computing uses the fundamental idea that data stored is permanently the same sequence and volume of characters from the beginning.  Quantum computing uses revolutionary new hardware that allows the computer the ability to add layers of superposition, and entanglement within the framework of it processing thought process. This essentially allows a file to exist without any certainty that the sequence and volume will remain the same until observed. Once observed, one will be able to tell the how the file has changed as far as the body and volume of code is concerned. However, something incredible happens… The code still functions.quantum computing

I’d love to go farther into how these wonderful and incredible new computers work, but its simply out of the scope of this blog. Also, I’m sure by now your wondering how any of this can make your internet speed faster. With the idea of superposition and entanglement it is now feasible to be able to send basic internet packets virtually instantly (faster than the speed of light possibly). This is possible because in our reletivistic reality, these packets haven’t moved in the first place. This is the idea of entanglement in action, the packet of interest trying to be sent already exists on the other end while simultaneously existing by you.

What’s up next is where the magic happens. With the idea of superposition, by changing the packet from your computer and sending it to the router, the companion packet on the other end (where your trying to send it to) must change simultaneously with the packet you just altered as they are entangled to each other (in a sense one and the same). These revolutionary new findings have paved the way for what are known as a “Quantum gate arrays” and it is projected that within the next 15 years this technology will be fully useable. Currently the speeds are recorded at being anywhere from 2 TB/s and above. 

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