How to Recover Lost SD Card Data


It can be extremely frustrating to pop in an SD card, microSD, miniSD, or xD card to find out that your valuable files have been deleted or corrupted.  If you don’t have a backup of those files the consequences can be devestating.  If you are someone who holds the data on your devices too long, like the SD card in your camera or phone, chances are you will experience a loss of data at some point.


There are many ways you could accidently delete files from your card.  Something as simple as hitting the delete key, or clicking don’t save instead of save.  You could accidently do a factory reset, or maybe pulling it out of a machine before ejecting it or an unexpected shutdown.  On your PC, this wouldn’t be a huge deal because you could just recover them from your recycling bin.  With a removable storage device it’s a huge issue because deleted files don’t end up in the recycling bin, they are permanently deleted.


The good news is, there are some ways to recover lost or corrupted files from SD cards, their variants, and similar types of cards.  We’ve looked into it and discovered the best ways to recover your lost data:

#2.  CardRecovery

CardRecovery is some of the most popular software being used today to recover lost information from storage devices.  It even has some awards up on it’s developer’s shelves.

CardRecovery boasts how safe it is because all of the operations the software carries out are in read-only mode, meaning there is further risk of damaging your data further.  This software is award winning but has some pitfalls:

It is not the simplest interface we’ve looked at amongst this type of software, but anyone with enough time and effort could surely get the hang of it.  Our biggest complaint is at the price of nearly $40 USD, it doesn’t seem worth it for a service that hopefully will need to be used rarely.


#1.  Card Recovery Pro

Card Recovery Pro is hand down the best way we’ve found to recover lost data.  Despite the similar name, it is the surperior software.  It has a simple interface where you can get your old files back in three steps.  Just connect, scan, and click to recover your lost SD card data.


This amazing software has never failed me to date.  Card Recovery Pro is compatible with practically every brand of SD card from Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and any others you could think of.  It is compatible with every kind of device, from cell phones, to cameras, to just SD cards, and any other device with similar memory storage.  It works on hard drives, solid state drives, and even iPods.

Card Recovery Pro comes with some pretty amazing features.  One of my favorites is that you are given a visual preview of all the files on your card that are able to be recovered.  It comes with safe recovery, which is similar to what we talked about on the other software.  The scan and fixing process is done in read-only mode, so your device and files are at no risk or damage or erasure. 

Card Recovery Pro works for super-fast batch recovery.  Rather than picking through one at a time, it grabs all the potential files for you and recovers them all at once.  It is the easiest, most effective means of recovering deleted and corrupted files we’ve ever tried.  You can download it from their website here.


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