Reset Your Windows Password

If you’ve ever found yourself locked out of Windows on your computer you’ve probably noticed there are no options to reset your password aside from trying to guess it. The good news is it is not impossible to get back into Windows. There are a few methods we’re going to go over, aptly the easy way and the hard way. Naturally let’s start with the hard way.

Be aware there are two types of Windows accounts, those registered with Microsoft and local Windows accounts which are not. These days Windows is associated with a user account email you can access from other machines. When you turn your PC on above your login text box should be an email, if there isn’t you have a local Windows account and may want to skip ahead to the easy way.

The Hard Way to Reset Windows Password:

The hard way could be more accurately called the manual way. This is only applicable to accounts registered with Microsoft, this method cannot be used on local Windows accounts. Microsoft Windows accounts mainly exist on Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. There was no such thing back in the days of XP, but the easy way below can retrieve Windows XP login information.

Over the years Windows has gotten more user friendly. If you’ve forgotten your login information start by going here to Windows password reset and they will help you as much as possible if you can remember certain details about your account.

You will be prompted to finish either an incomplete phone number or incomplete email address on their form.  If you can’t remember those, Microsoft will give you the option to fill out your security questions.  If you can’t remember your password I hope you can remember your mother’s maiden name, or your first pet.

If you’ve been able to get back into your Windows account thus far, it’s not a bad idea to go to your user settings in the Control Panel and set up some password alternatives.  Personally, I always have a pin set that I know I will remember.  You can set up a code that will reset your password here that will work even after you have changed your password.

Under this panel there are also options to create yourself a password recovery USB drive.  If you ever forget your password again, you can plug this into your computer and use it as a kind of ‘key.’

Local account?  This part is considerably trickier.  Your other option is to disable your security functions manually, you will have to change the boot settings on your computer.  This is done by using a function key (F8, F12, etc.) on your BIOS screen, the function key it is may vary depending on your machines make.

Search the internet for a bootable password recovery tool.  With one of these you may have some luck, you may not.  If not, refer here:

The Easy Way to Reset Windows Password:

If your account is a local account or your operating system software is pirated you could have a rough time getting back into your machine.  It is impossible to do without some kind of hack or third-party services and software.  If you hack into your own system you will lose any encrypted data you have on there.  It was put in place to keep those files safe after all.

Personally I use a tool called Reset Password Pro to log me back into my old systems I can’t remember the password to.  I use it because it is very safe and doesn’t access any part of the computer itself.  Using Reset Password Pro, it will take less than 2 minutes to recover your lost password, you can watch a video about it here.

Reset Password Pro is worth the effort as it makes retreiving your old password effortless, and you don’t have to worry about messing anything up on your machine.  Whichever of these methods you try, once your back into your machine remember to set up some kind of safeguard from this happening again.

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