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Google Analytics is the premier tool to track your websites views and conversions.  It’s absolutely free with a Gmail account and should be something every website has set up for it.  You can learn all kinds of things, where people are visiting your site from, the language set on their PC, even age and race.  It is truly amazing (and at times scary) all of the things Analytics keeps track of for you.

Google Analytics

Above you can see just the basics of what Analytics hooked up to your site will show about your visitors.  An important one to keep track of is your bounce rate.  This is the percentage of people that get lead to your website, and exit out before clicking on a link to another page.  If you can keep this below 70%, you’re doing pretty good.

Your website should have a point.  Whether you are just trying to get people to visit, buy your products, or visit your affiliates.  Through Analytics we can make sure that these types of activites are occuring and make changes if they are not.  Getting a user to do what you want them to do, click where you want them to click, or buy what you want them to buy is called a conversion.

If you are not getting your desired conversions, you should set up a goal under Analytics.  We are going into this assuming you already have Google Analytics set up for your website, if not now would be the time.  In the main menu your site(s) should be listed, and under it All Web Site Data.  Click on this and it will take you to your menu, that will look like the image above.  From here you want to click on the Admin tab up at the top.

Google Analytics

Now you’ll find yourself in this menu.  Perfect, click on Goals where we’ve circled in the image above.  From here you’ll be taken to another menu with a big red button labeled New Goal.  Now is the time to decide what exactly your goal is, and Google has some options for you to select between.  This is step 1, the goal set up.  The big four are:

Revenue:  Congratulations!  Someone has placed an order from your website.  This goal is simple enough to understand, you wanted them to purchase something, and they did.

Acquisition:  Want to get members on your website?  Have them sign up for something?  One of the options following this is probably right for you.

Inquiry:  A user filled out a contact form, or made some other form of contact.  Possibly connected to a live chat, or requested a phone call.

Engagement:  This one is an important option at it’s core.  To get a successful goal this way is to mean users played a video, opted-in to a newsletter or mailing list, or shared to a social-media site.  This is very valuable information to have.

Google Analytics

For this example we’re going to assume I have a website, and the goal I want to set up is to have users sign up to be a member.  Select Sign Up as above, and click on Continue, bringing us to step 2.  Choose a name for your goal, this is really only important for your frame of reference.  Under the text box where you name your goal is the Goal slot ID, you can ignore this.  Underneath is the Type, this is the important part because this is what will tell Anaytics if conversions are being made on your site according to your set goal. 

For this goal we are going to select Destination, because it is probably the most easy.  I have it set up so when a new user joins the website, they will be directed to a sort of “thank you” page.  Google Analytics is going to keep track of how many people land on this page, to give me a percentage as to my success rate of getting people to sign up.  I entered the goal destination in the text box as seen below.  Everytime a user lands on this page from signing up, Google will keep track of it for me:

Google Analytics

Now click Save!  The goal is now saved and live, and you can look at it right from where you enter the Analytics website.  That’s it!  Always set goals, they are very useful in helping you see if you are getting the results from your website that you are hoping for.  If you liked this article and found it useful, sign up to our mailing list below to never miss a beat on web design, marketing, and similar topics!

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