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Twitter: Is it Really Worth the Effort?

In today’s world that revolves around social media, you’re presented with many options. Not so many options that it’s unbearable, but still quite a few. As a rule of thumb, you want to make yourself known on all of the channels that you can.

When your an advertiser, Facebook is the best channel for you to work with. If you want to be a star, YouTube is where it’s at. What about Twitter? Does it really have a practical application or is the equivalent of screaming at the stars?

Sadly, it’s a little bit of both.

Some say Twitter is dying, and I kind of have to agree with them. What started as a great concept and new frontier of social media has quickly turned into a barren wasteland of spam and hopeless dreams. Some use it to market, and it doesn’t work. Twitter has essentially become a place to listen firsthand to what celebrities are saying. Which is fine for them, but not good for little guys or internet marketers.

There are tons of articles out there telling you how you can use Twitter to expand your business, and I’m here to tell you- don’t waste your time.

Sure it’s fair to call me a hypocrite if you like, because Global Success has a twitter account, and it was actually very active at one time. But what did it accomplish compared to other social media giants such as Facebook? Basically nothing.

The effort I would put in compared to amount of actual traffic it brought to my website was abysmal.

Tweeting without major brand recognition is just shooting messages out into the ether. If you tweet a link with the expectation of getting conversions, the results are dismal. On average, much less than 1% of the people that read your tweet will actually click on your link.

This makes Twitter one of your smallest social media connections.

Twitter is practical basically only when you use it conjunction with your other social media channels, for the sole purpose that you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity. But this is something you should be doing anyway. You should always be pushing your plugs on Facebook and other networks.

A better way to say it is that you shouldn’t spend too much time focusing on your tweets. But you should spend some time on it. Schedule your tweets out for the week using some kind of 3rd part software such as HootSuite. If you’re using WordPress, you shouldn’t spend much time on Twitter at all, just connect the auto-publish option up to your Twitter and don’t think twice about what you’re publishing to Twitter and what you’re not.

So what is Twitter good for? When you’ve got an itch for a fight. In recent years Twitter has essentially become a turf for people to yell at each other behind their computers. Your everyday keyboard warriors, and even celebrities yelling at each other.

More accurate and useful to someone like you, you can use it to track online trends. Knowing what’s trending can be great for marketers. It can help you to find out what’s selling, and what isn’t. It’s not the only way to do this, but hashtags are easy to track.

Don’t invest a ton of your time in Twitter, it’s not going to get you much of a return on your efforts. Have programs or services post to Twitter for you, it’s really the only way to make it worth your while.

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