Use Google Drive to Work on Multiple Machines

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At first I didn’t think much about Google Drive.  It’s cloud storage, big whoop.  I found out how wrong I was once I started really taking advantage of it’s features.  It is great for personal use but even better for work.  I can edit documents at different locations and on different machines.  One of it’s greatest being the built in document editor:

google drive

google driveIf you work within Google Docs, you’ll never have to worry about the devestating event of your computer crashing and losing all your work.  Google Docs has all of the features other programs and suites have, such as Microsoft Office.  This is great if you’re on a budget.  The only concern may be if you are ever stuck somewhere without an internet connection.  Luckily, that’s not an issue anymore!

You can download Google Drive for your desktop!  This will give you a handy folder on your desktop, that you can drag and drop files on or into, so you can have the file on both your PC and safely in your drive.  I use this to drag my work folder into after a day, so I can come back to it later on my home PC.  If the folder and files already exist, Google Drive simply updates them.  It will also allow you to work with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides right from your desktop.  Sheets is the equivalent of Excel, slides is similar to Powerpoint.  Handy!

At the time of this writing Drive allows 15GB of storage space, this should be ample for photos and documents.

Google Drive has tons of other cool features.  If you have an android phone you can “scan” documents straight to your drive, cutting away some of your paperwork clutter.  You can store your photos to view and edit them with Google Photos to edit them beautifully.  You can use Drive to share files with co-workers with file permissions. 

This is a fantasic alternative to dragging all of your files to a thumb drive that could break down at any time to and from work or other locations.  Save it on your PC, and your drive.  You’ll never have to fear losing your work again!

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