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What is a Web Funnel?

web funnel

web funnel

What is a web funnel?  They can be thought of as a plan in a sense that it is to get more conversions to your website.  A website conversion is when you get someone to visit your website and they do what you want them to do there, such as buying a product.

Wikipedia describes a funnel as a “a tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening.”  This gives a good visual, but instead of liquid or powder we want human beings to go through a process starting at the top with basic information and ending at the bottom, taking action.


So what steps make up a funnel?

web funnelThe first step in conversion is awareness.  You need to make potential users aware of whatever you are trying to sell or get them to click on.  The best way of making people aware of what you’re putting down is advertising or posting on social media.  The importance of making people aware of your products through social media like Facebook and Twitter cannot be stressed enough.  Here is a guide to get you started on social media, there are some tricks you probably don’t know.

The second step in your funnel is building interest in your product or information.  This is where your funnel first starts to get a little smaller, this is because not everybody that becomes aware of what you’re offering is going to be interested.

The next step is consideration.  If your users have made it this far you’re doing pretty good.  This is the phase where potential buyers really make up their if they are going to invest in your product or information or if they are going to pass on.  Where are they going to be making this decision?  If it’s something like a sales page, make sure it shines like nothing else.  You won’t get a second chance from a potential user.

The very last step, after a user has been guided through all of these steps above is out end goal: conversion!  Once again, this means you have gotten your users to do what you wanted them to do!  If you can manage to get your users to this point you’re in great shape!


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